Life Groups

Check out our Life Groups!

There is a Life Group for everyone! We have several ongoing Life Groups to choose from and more on the way.

College & Career

Leader: Dave & Jan McCardle

Location: DB206

Just Come

20-30ish yrs

Leader: Stephen Harris

Location: DB205

The Gathering

30-40ish yrs

Leader: Mike Bergeron

Location: DB212

Faith Seeking Understanding

Leader: Andrew Hollingsworth

Location: DB211

The Breakfast Club

50is yrs

Leader: Bill Sheffield

Location: DB215

As It Is Written

60ish yrs

Leader: Francis Motichek

Location: DB210

The Misfits

20-60ish yrs

Leader: Ron Ussery

Location: DB200

Prayer Warriors

Ladies of all ages

Leader: Shelley Lampard

Location: DB213

Esther Class

Senior Ladies

Leader: Julie Pence

Location: MB Conference Room

Andrew Class

Senior Men

Leader: Jay Pence

Location: MB Prayer Room

First Students
Jr. High Girls

Leader: Stephanie Karaty & Josie Cato
Location: Hub 5

Jr. High Boys

Leader: Paul Thomas
Location: Hub 1

High School Girls

Leader: Jeannie Stowe
Location: Hub 4

High School Boys

Leader: Tommy Fecke
Location: Hub 2

First Kids

Trees Life Group: Kindergarten
Cypress Trees Life Group: 1st & 2nd grade
Pine Trees Life Group: 3rd & 4th grade
Oak Trees Life Group: 5th & 6th grade

Location: DB 102-108

Seedlings Life Group: 0 months to 18 months
Sprouts Life Group: 18 months – 3 years
Saplings Life Group: PreK-3 & PreK-4

Location: MB 101-105