What is Super Summer?

Super Summer is a leadership and discipleship camp for students who have completed the 8th – 12th grade where they are challenged to be the leader God has called them to be.  Super Summer is where students begin to dig deeper in the word of God and own their faith. It is a place where they are not only discipled but challenged to go out and make disciples.

How is Super Summer different from other camps?

Super Summer is not your typical summer camp for several reasons. One is that students spend hours in their schools learning about things such as theology, spiritual disciplines, missiology, apologetics, and more. Students spend more time in their schools learning than they spend doing other activities, unlike many other summer camps. Another is that at Super Summer, students come expecting to see God move and work in their lives. When like-minded Christian brothers and sisters come together to learn, study, and grow in their faith, the Lord is sure to move!


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