All children are invited to join us on Wednesday nights this summer for a fun time of studying God’s word together! This summer we have the opportunity to dive deeper into learning and memorizing Scripture using the National Bible Bee Summer Study. Because this Summer Study will continue in the book of John, which we have been studying all year, we will focus on encouraging and supporting kids in Scripture memorization.

Notes on Summertime Format

Unlike last summer, we will follow a schedule similar to Wednesday nights during the school year. Your child is welcome to participate with or without registering for the Summer Study, but registering will allow your child to receive the Discovery Journal to study along at home!

Notes on registering your child

National Bible Bee Summer Study is available for students ages 5 to 18, and provides a Discovery Journal to help children and youth study the Bible and memorize scripture throughout the week! When registering…

1. Choose Bryanna Iles – Mandeville, LA as your host group.

2. Consider choosing the NIV translation. This is the translation we study from on Wednesday nights. You are more than welcome to choose another, but we will use NIV for group activities.

3. Scholarships are available for families who may need them. Please reach out to for more information.