The Benefits of Being in a Life Group

an atmosphere for spiritual growth

Bible discussions focused upon life application

receiving encouragement to live for Jesus Christ

prayer support from other believers

spiritual growth through participating in ministry

building healthy relationships

gaining confidence in what you believe

  • Twenty-Something Couples

    Some of these couples have started their families, and others are waiting on God's timing.

    • Meets in DB 208
    • Led by Trevor Owen and Matt DeFriend
  • Twenty-Thirty Something Couples with younger children

    The name says it all. These are busy people.

    • Meets in DB 212
    • Led by Michael Bergeron
  • Thirty Somethings with elementary aged children

    We're sharing a time in life where we're trying to balance life with work, school, and recreation.

    • Meets in DB 205
    • Led by Michael Blue and Garrett Luig
  • Thirty Somethings with elementary aged children

    Another group because we have a lot of kids here! This group studies the Bible from the point of the view of the Sunday message. So if you have gone to the early service, you might have an advantage. But if you want to get a sneak-peak at the pastor's message, you come to Life Group first.

    • Meets in DB 211
    • Led by Tim Butler
  • Forty Somethings

    This group will have children in elementary school, middle school, junior high, and high school. What can we say? They're in their forties (and maybe fifties, but they don't like to admit it.)

    • Meets in DB 215
    • Led by Michael Faulkner
  • Fifty Somethings

    A group of men and women who study from the Explore the Bible curriculum.

    • Meets in DB 214
    • Led by Mickey Schultz
  • Fifty Somethings

    Two teachers who alternate teaching periodically led this group through a thorough study of Scripture.

    • Meets in DB 209
    • Led Phillip Brodt and Tim Scott
  • Women 50+

    • Meets in DB 213
    • Led by Shelley Lampard
  • Men 50+

    • Meets in DB 201
    • Led by Dan Holmes Jim Siracuse, Jr.
  • Empty Nesters

    A coed group of seasoned believers who love the Lord and His Word.

    • Meets in DB 210
    • Led by Francis Motichek
  • Multi-Generational

    A coed group of more than one generation, generally older than 40

    • Meets in DB 206
    • Led by Kevin Schill
  • Multi-Generational

    Another coed group of multigenerational believers, but this group was here first!

    • Meets in DB 200
    • Led by Ron Ussery
  • Women 70+

    • Meets in Conference Room in Main Building
    • Led by Julie Pence
  • Men 70+

    • Meets in Missions Room in Main Building
    • Led by Dale Caston