Working with Minors


A. Policy Statement

Mandeville’s First Baptist Church (“MFBC”) is committed to providing a safe environment for all children and youth (meaning anyone under the age of 18, collectively referred to herein as “minors”) who participate on any ministry team sponsored by MFBC. MFBC also desires to protect adult leaders and those who work with minors from false accusations and suspicions.

B. Eligibility for Adult Workers

Adults who work in ministries involving minors must complete an application and be approved following the completion of the screening process detailed below.

Persons under the age of 18 will be allowed to work in ministries involving minors upon completion of an application and only when accompanied by an eligible adult worker.

C. The Approval Process

All persons who participate on any ministry team involving minors will:

1) Complete the Ministry to Minors Application Form including a signed statement that the worker will abide by the Child Safety and Protection


2) Pass a national background check; 

3) Be approved by a pastor that oversees the ministry; 

4) Be given approval following successful reference checks (as needed). 

This form is to be completed by any person working in ministry to persons under the age of 18 years at Mandeville First Baptist Church. Our goal is to provide a secure and safe environment for our youth, children, preschoolers and our adult leaders. 

Adults seeking to be hired or volunteering must complete this Application Form which will be kept on file. After completing the form your references will be checked, a criminal background check may be conducted, and you will be interviewed by appropriate supervisory staff. This completed form, results of any background checks, and interview results will be confidential and will be filed in a secure location on our church campus. 

Here is what you will need to comlete this application:

  1. All personal information (including Social Security number will need to be filled out).
  2. You will need 3 references including their e-mail addresses and phone.
  3. About 15 minutes of time to completely fill out the application.

Click to go to the Ministry Application Form.

Thank you for helping us protect and minister to our children.